Monday, December 15, 2008

Me gusta!!

I WANT THIS!!!! Urban Outfitters - $240
Lemon Out.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Very Fitting

Ok, so this post is directed solely towards those who are looking for smaller band sizes and need some ideas. I don't have the experience to recommend larger band sizes and if you find yourself somewhere in the middle, you can buy your bras at VS like everyone else. So here are some of my favorite bras in the 28 and 30 band sizes.

Freya 28DD-30H $26 (This is my all time favorite bra)

Fantasie 30E-G $40

Pour Moi? 30B-G $20

Elixir de Lingerie by Lejaby 30C-G $12

Freya 28D-30FF $6.50

DM 30C $21

Pour Moi? 30A-F $14

Pour Moi? 30A-DD $18

Figleaves 30B-G $9

Panache 28D-30K $24.50

Ella Macpherson 30D-E $20

Ella Macpherson 30C-D $10.50

Note that most of these were found at This site is usually a little cheaper than BareNecessities and is currently having a sale so I looked mostly on their site. However, BareNecessities usually has a larger selection, but at a higher price. Happy Shopping!!

The Bare Necessities

So I'm not the biggest fan of Victoria's Secret because they don't carry anything for petite women, which is ridiculous because most of their models have ridiculously small waists. But I am in love with their Fall/Winter collection of lavenders, charcoals, and black. They also have a number of retro, pin-up pieces which I would die for. Here's a few of my favorites:

Flyaway Babydoll $48

Lace Bustier $158

Babydoll $58

Satin Bustier $58

Satin Teddy $25

Lace Demi Bra $31.50
Lace V-string $13.50
Lace Garter Belt $21

Satin & Lace Babydoll $40

Now the thing is, none of this would fit me. For some reason, in this country, we do not make band sizes smaller than a 32. So I have been buying European bras for several years now from brands such as Freya and Fantasies. If you are currently wearing a 32 but still find it riding up in the back sometimes, you too probably need a smaller band size. Check out or Both carry band sizes 28 and 30 as well as sizes 32-56 and cups up to JJ. Lucky for me, these beautiful colors and patterns can also be found in a few new designs carried on these sites. My next post will cover some of my favs from these sites.

By the Hammer of Thor!

So I LOVE 30 Rock. I live and breathe for that show. The new season, however, has left something to be desired and I'm hoping it will pick up again after getting over its guest-appearance hangover. So here's a few, ok, more than a few, reminders of what makes 30 Rock so great....

Liz: What do guys like?
Frank: Porn.
Liz: No, I mean if you were to go on a date with a girl, how would you want her to act?
Frank: Like she was in a porn.

Tracy: Affirmative action was designed to keep women and minorities in competition with each other to distract us while white dudes inject AIDS into our chicken nuggets. That's a metaphor!!

Frank: Hey, uh, you got anything about being a dad? People eat that garbage up.
Tracy: I like to walk around my house naked, to remind my oldest son who’s still got the biggest ding-dong.
Pete: No
Tracy: Or I could tell the story of how I met Sharon Stone.
Pete: What was that?
Tracy: I was pooping in the ladies’ room at The Ivy…
Pete: No.
Tracy: I could talk about how the moon is a spy satellite put there by Oprah and Minister Farrakhan, and not the Minister Farrakhan you are thinking of.

Liz: Why are you wearing a tux?
Jack: It's after six. What am I, a farmer?

(and this one pretty much sums up how I act with guys at bars)
Gentleman:Excuse me, is this seat taken?
Liz: [Sighs] Really dude? I got to move my coat? There are like 4 empty seats over there - can't you just be cool?
[Man leaves]
Jenna: That guy wanted to buy you a drink!
Liz: Really? But I already have a drink. Do you think he'd buy me mozzarella sticks?

Liz: What's going on, business got ya down?
Jack: Business doesn't get me down, business gets me off.

Cerie: I guess but we both want to have babies while it's still cool. I already have all the names picked out. If it's a girl, Bookcase or Sandstorm or maybe Hat, but that's more of a boys name.
Liz: Yeah, I was gonna say....

Liz: [confused] Oh, hi. I'm sorry, I got this number under fertility in the Writers Guild Health Manual?
Dr. Spaceman: I'm also listed under meth addiction and child psychiatry. So, what can I help you with? I should start by saying that I can't personally help you conceive. Something happened to me while scuba diving.

Tracy:You know what, I'm gonna make you a mix tape. You like Phil Collins?
Jack: I've got two ears and a heart don't I?

Jack: I want full stake in the Arby's franchise we bought outside of Telluride.
Bianca: Oh, dammit Johnny, you know I love my Big Beef and Cheddar.

Tracy: I love this cornbread so much, I want to take it behind a middle school, and get it pregnant.

Jack: Lemon, I would like to teach you something. I would like to be Michelle Pfeiffer to your angry black kid who learns that poetry is just another way to rap.

(one of the funniest moments ever..)
Ridikolus: [talking on cell phone] I'll call you when I get inside.
Kenneth: I'm sorry, this is a private party.
Ridikolus: Hold on. [to Kenneth] We're with Tracy Jordan.
Kenneth: And Mr. Jordan himself said, "Don't let no one in who's not on the list, 'cause this mess is gonna get raw like sushi." [pleasantly] So haters to the left.
Ridikolus: What's your game, man?
Kenneth: [smiling, flattered to be asked] Boggle.
Ridikolus: You know what? You tell Tracy Jordan that Ridikolus...
[wipe back to the present]
Kenneth: " gonna eat his family."

Tracy: [at the Church of Practicology with electrodes attached to his head] I believe the moon doesn't exist. I believe that vampires are the world's greatest golfers but their curse is that they'll never get to prove it! I believe there are 31 letters in the white alphabet. Well...what was the question again?

Tracy: So what's your religion Liz Lemon?
Liz: I pretty much just do whatever Oprah tells me to.

Jack: When I think of all the things that I've been holding inside me that I wanted to say to you... [raises fists] Well now I'm gonna let "Saint Patrick" and "Saint Michael" DO MY TALKING FOR ME!
Jack's Dad: [raises fists] You'll have to get through "Tip O'Neill" and "Bobby Sands" first!
Eddie Donaghy: You call those fist names?! [raises fists] Say hello to "Bono" and "Sandra Day O'Connor!"
Jack: Those are the stupidest fist names I've ever heard.

(long, but worth reading)
Liz: Hi. I'm really sorry about what I did, and I know that you can't forgive me, but just to even things out, here's all my weird secret stuff. I have been sexually rejected by not one, but two guys who later went to clown college. I get super nervous whenever I hear a vacuum cleaner because when I was a kid my mom used to turn on the vacuum to drown out the sound of her and my dad fighting, which is why I rarely vacuum my apartment, like never. I have had three donuts so far today. Once in college, I pooped my pants a little bit at a Country Steaks all-you-can-eat buffet and I didn't leave until I finished my second plate of shrimp. A couple months ago, I went on a date with my cousin. Wow... I am a mess. There is an 80% chance in the next election that I will tell all my friends that I'm voting for Barack Obama but I will secretly vote for John McCain. Here's one, when I was a kid I used to put on my fanciest nightgown and then I would mix orange soda and cream soda in a champagne glass and sit in the dark and watch The Love Boat. Consequently, I have some weird sexual fantasy stuff about Gopher from The Love Boat. And I lied, I have had five donuts today.

[Liz enters a room and stands behind Jack]
Jack: You've been avoiding me, Lemon.
Liz: How do you do that without turning around?
Jack: To be perfectly honest, the first couple of people I did that to were not you, we are.

Floyd: If the whole world moved to their favorite vacation spots, then the whole world would live in Hawaii and Italy and Cleveland.

Colleen: Tell him his mother's here! ...And she loves him! ...But not in a queer way!

Dr. Spaceman: Now Jenna, medically speaking for your height your weight puts you what we call the "disgusting" range. Fortunately there are solutions. For Example, crystal meth has been shown to be very effective. How important is tooth retention to you?

Jack: I think Angie is right-handed so you have to work her clockwise.
Liz: Wait, you've already thought about fighting her?
Jack: Every time I meet a new person I figure out how I'll fight them. You have a gimpy right knee, right?

Jack: So what are you gonna do with your money? Put it into a 401K?
Liz: Yeah, I gotta get one of those.
Jack: What?! Where do you invest your money Liz?
Liz: I've got like 12 grand in checking.
Jack: Are you an immigrant?

Jack: I'm going to a party tonight honoring Robert Novak. It's being thrown by John McCain and Jack Bauer.
Liz: Um, I don't think he's real.
Jack: I assure you, Lemon, John McCain is very real.

Liz: No they're just super supportive. They've always been like that, even when I sued the Lower White Haven school district to let girls play football.
Liz: [in full uniform on football team, completely muffs kick which is recovered by the opposing team] Yeah feminism!!!
[end flashback]
Liz: We didn't make the playoffs that year but I think we lead the league in bravery.

Kenneth: Oh no Sir, I don't vote Republican or Democrat. Choosing is a sin, so I always just write in the Lord's name.
Jack: That's Republican. We count those.

Liz: I'm feeling pretty drunk.
Jack: Well, it's business drunk. It's like rich drunk, either way it's legal to drive.

Liz: Wheres my mac and cheese!?!?!?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Great Gifts Under $30

For the stylish man on your list
Fossil $25

For the collector
Urban Outfitters $28

For the music lover
Urban Outfitters $16

For the traveler. City Walks are great little guides to cities all over the world.
Uncommon Goods $14

For the Pack Rat
Uncommon Goods $12

For the cynic on your list
Uncommon Goods $12

For your significant other, fun loving friend, or resident sexpert
Urban Outfitters $13

For that extremely witty friend
Urban Outfitters $13

Must Have Holiday Cheer

No tree is complete without a Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo ornament! (For all you readers who think you are too cool to watch TV, Mr. Hanky is a South Park Christmas character)
Urban Outfitters $8

The Classic Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
Urban Outfitters $15

For those of us who don't want to face the awkward "...oh...thanks...what is it?"

Set of 12 -Urban Outfitters $10

Remind others of the true meaning of Christmas
Set of 12- Urban Outfitters $10

For the PC lovers on your list
Archie McPhee $5

Your go-to guide for getting through the hell that is the Holidays
Urban Outfitters $6

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sleeping Beauty was given four "gifts" when she was born. Song, beauty, wit and a curse. Well little Italian girls are given plenty of curses when they are born. Little Italian girls are born with:
a) A crushing Catholic guilt complex
b) Short fuses
c) A set of tweezers in their hand
d) At least an extra 5 lbs than everyone else when they hit puberty (if they are a lucky little Italian girl it will go into their D-cup bra also handed to them at birth)
e) Tacky gold jewelry given to them by their grandmothers

(This post was in response to the fact that as a half-Sicilian I am sick and tired of having to tweeze every 5 seconds and, not to be totally vain here, if I EVER get rich I'm having lazer hair removal. Haha.)

The upside of being a (half) Italian
a) At some point in your life you will prob attract a decent amount of men, if for nothing else than the fact that you are an Italian girl
b) We have a nice line up of good looking men to pick from
c) Parts of Italy are leaning towards Socialism right now (yeah, fascism didn't really work and capitalism is retarded)
d) You probably have someone in your family who can cook so well you don't give a shit about those extra 5 lbs
e) Those extra 5 lbs will probably be directed at your chest

Fabulous cocktail dresses and parties to wear them to

Chetta B. $335

(Faux)Fur Hats

Urban Outfitters $28

Amazing Italian women who make me proud of my (half) roots

Monica Bellucci

Claudia Cardinale

My new black playsuit

Forever 21 $24.80

Total excess in the Marie Antoinette fashion

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Polyvore!

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Pillow Wish List

Ginko Pillow in Black from Modern Materials Design- $24.95
Felt Petal Pillow from Pier 1- $30

Square Pinwheel Pillow from Target- $13.49

Wallflower Pillow from $26.95 (above apricot, below mustard)