Monday, December 8, 2008

Very Fitting

Ok, so this post is directed solely towards those who are looking for smaller band sizes and need some ideas. I don't have the experience to recommend larger band sizes and if you find yourself somewhere in the middle, you can buy your bras at VS like everyone else. So here are some of my favorite bras in the 28 and 30 band sizes.

Freya 28DD-30H $26 (This is my all time favorite bra)

Fantasie 30E-G $40

Pour Moi? 30B-G $20

Elixir de Lingerie by Lejaby 30C-G $12

Freya 28D-30FF $6.50

DM 30C $21

Pour Moi? 30A-F $14

Pour Moi? 30A-DD $18

Figleaves 30B-G $9

Panache 28D-30K $24.50

Ella Macpherson 30D-E $20

Ella Macpherson 30C-D $10.50

Note that most of these were found at This site is usually a little cheaper than BareNecessities and is currently having a sale so I looked mostly on their site. However, BareNecessities usually has a larger selection, but at a higher price. Happy Shopping!!

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